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BOSSIP recently caught up with the Harlem-born banger who’s in the midst of promoting her new Intimacy Calendar to get better acquainted with the lady building the brand and the educated hustlista on a mission to give the world a glimpse at the woman behind all those God-given cakes.

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Check out what Tahiry had to say about her brand, Playboy, Joe Budden, giving back, her body, plastic surgery and more.

Who is Joe Budden <em>dating</em>? Joe Budden girlfriend, wife

Joe Budden and Cyn Santana open up about their relationship.

Yeah, you know I come from a family full of curvy women and even before I became known to the public, I was wearing things that I was comfortable in that always happened to show my shape as well. I have my flaws; I fht cellulite, I do squats and all kinds of things to keep it in tact, but I’m just saying, I’m one of the best bodies in the industry. You know how you take your car in and you get extra parts added or enhanced; I haven’t done that.

Who is Joe Budden dating? Joe Budden girlfriend, wife

I remember my very first shoot, I was nervous on the way there and I almost cancelled it. I remember doing the”8 Mile” thing I was in the bathroom, gagging like “I can’t do this.” Then I got on set and they gave me my outfits and I put them on and…then on, I’ve always been ready to shoot. I haven’t done anything to my body and you know, I’m not in my twenties.

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