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During that time, I met this guy name Joe [laughs] and we started to date and the rest is history.

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Three years in, he bought a little Sony camera into the bedroom while I was sleep and fhting a cold and I cursed him out in my Spanish accent [on camera] and the next day, people wanted to see more. And even today, yeah, I would definitely do Playboy. It’s a double edged sword though so I feel like people should research these things and be careful.

BUSTED! Lesean Mccoy <em>Dating</em> Porsha Williams & <em>Tahiry</em> At The.

BUSTED! Lesean Mccoy Dating Porsha Williams & Tahiry At The.

At the time, I was also bartending and I fell in love with that life. And then after I got my degree, I started to work there full time and I became this hostess who then became the bartender who then became a cocktail waitress.

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So that became my passion and what I did full time.

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